Hotel Refinement

feature film – (post-production)

DIR:       Robert Clapsadle
PROD:   Carol Woman, Paradise Cove Productions



When an ill-conceived heist goes awry, amateur criminals Andrew and Doris make a run for it, leaving their more experienced partner Hayden behind. After months of slowly making their way down through a series of run-down motels alongside the California coast, they end up at the hauntingly mysterious Hotel Refinement. However their relief is short-lived as their increasingly prolongated stay begins to warp reality, dream, and memory resulting in surreal and nightmarish visions they both are vehemently trying to escape. Meanwhile Hayden, trapped in prison serving out a short sentence for his role in the heist, slowly plots his revenge against Doris and Andrew aided by his enigmatic and possibly fictitious cellmate. A surreal, oneiric neo-noir that explores human fascination with the intersection of violence, crime, dreams, and boredom.

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