Hello world! (again)

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Hello World!


For the 2nd time.

3rd actually - but only if you count my brief stint as an AdWeek webseries reviewer back when those were just starting to become a thing. I was a pretty harsh critic - maybe a little too harsh (or rather too "film school harsh" and not "internet harsh"). The internet trolls went straight for me when I went for a very big internet celebrity who has made a career out of making videos of him playing video games. To be fair, maybe I wasn't the right person to review it. I like video games (I spent this Valentine's day eating thin mints and washing them down with wine with a friend as we played old-school Mario Kart on Nintendo 64. That's right. NINTENDO 64. On a 4K TV. Everything was hilariously pixelated and low-res. But I guess I don't find the appeal of watching videos of other people playing. However, I recognize it is a thing. A very big thing. And if you love it, all the more power to you. I'm not particularly keen on writing a review on something I can't really judge people for liking nor something I particularly understand has having any sort of narrative structure. Also, reviewing webseries back then was a tricky business. This guy's channel was considered a webseries at the time and my poor narrative-loving brain couldn't fit it into anything resembling a narrative. We've since evolved as the internet has blown up into the craziness it is right now and we would classify that dude as a content creator rather than a webseries creator. And I have nothing against content creators - I've been known to go down the rabbit hole of watching haul opening videos once in a while. Or just videos about cats being cats. Basically, the internet is a weird place and I fully embrace its weirdness. But we didn't quite know that back then...

Okay. Yes. 4th time. I forgot about the webcomic I co-wrote/doodled with my college boyfriend - Sticking It. It was actually pretty decent and we got an okay number of followers while we had it going. An okay number for the time we had it going. I think we could have made that blow up big had we done it now. Ah well...timing is everything,no?

So my previous "proper" blog was named Multichronotropic Avocados because I was a 22-year-old intellectual hipster trying very hard not to be an intellectual hipster in Brooklyn. So I named it after an obscure word I had come across while reading an obscure article in an obscure film journal while researching a paper for my Cyborg Cinema class and a food I loved (I think I was a Californian before I was one...my love of avocados and avocado toast runs deep). I was surprised to find that it was still floating around the internet when I did a search for it. It dealt mostly with a lot of the pictures I took with my first iPhone and proper DSLR (yay for that little T2i that could! I put it through the ringer...), the trips I took, the food I ate, and my time in NYC.

Overall, not that much different than what I'm planning to do with this iteration of sending my thoughts into the internet. Except I'm not planning using it as a quasi-journal like back then. Yes, okay, I shouldn't have done that back then either. But I was 21 and fresh out of undergrad when I started it. There were a lot of uncertainties ahead. My thoughts about them had to go somewhere. Broadcasting them into the world seemed like a good idea. I am a millennial after all.

Anyhoo, I'm saying all of this and just linking back to all of this stuff not all of which I am particularly proud of because this is the internet. And it'll come out someday. And I like to be in control of my narrative, thank you very much (I make a living out of it!) so I'm just putting all the cards on the table.

I'm a 30-year-old LA-based (and NYC based and Quito based and Albuqueruqe based...but mainly LA...I live in LA) Cinematographer. I side-hustle as a Graphic Designer and Translator on occasion and I'm planning on adding code developing to that list by June.

I used to be a varsity fencer (epee), I've run a complete 10K, I can swim up to 100 continuous laps, I am a regular at the Modo Yoga LA studio nearest to me, and I'm about to take on boxing. I can code in three different languages (Python 2, Bash/Shell script, Python 3) and am on the way to adding two more to that roster (SQL, C++). I'm also a classically-trained cellist (have played for 20-odd years), speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin) and an extensive traveler. I do 35mm Photography a lot as I got rid of my DSLR a few years ago when the sensor very clearly started to go and even started a darkroom down in my basement for B&W printing. I shoot mostly B&W 35mm (T-Max and Tri-X for evaaaaa) but have recently taken up an interest in astrophotography and some 120mm portraiture. And last but not least, I'm a massive foodie - I do a lot of cooking and meal prepping and food adventures out and about in LA.

So...what's the blog gonna be about Em?


The plan is to talk about cinematography (both the art and the technical side of it), photography, food, and traveling (one of the places a lot of these subjects all intersect at). I'll also sprinkle in a little personal finance and coding once in a while. Finances because nobody ever really talks about how to really handle finances when you're a freelance artist/filmmaker and I find that kind of ridiculous. I've been really big on a lot of financial planning since I moved to LA but never really advertised it because nobody talks about it. Also I'm developing a finance-oriented app for filmmakers with a buddy of mine so there's that as well. And coding because I've recently discovered this world and its amazing potential and I think it has really interesting applications for certain areas of cinematography and photography in particular that I'm quite keen to explore.

Anyhoo, Hello World (again)! It's lovely to meet you.

x EM2C

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